Why waterjet?


Abrasive waterjet uses no heat! Parts like thin copper or brass can be cut with no heat affected zones. This system uses up to 40,000 psi to cut materials up to 6" thick. We nest your parts to save money and scrap. Depending on requirements, secondary machining processes can be estimated.

  • No set-up fee.

  • No minimum or maximum parts limit.

  • No charge for CAD design. I can work from a template, pictures, drawings or just about anything else.

  • You may submit your own CAD files.

  • I do stock some materials. You are always welcome to ship your own materials or have materials drop-shipped to us. Most steel supply houses have our shipping info. Drop-shipped materials is preferred.

  • Everything I do is custom so orders are completed as they come in. Please keep in mind that I'm only one guy with one machine. Orders will be completed as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience on this one.

  • I strive to keep prices as reasonable as possible. From time to time there might be a change. Every order is different so there is no set price. I will give you a quote as soon as I have it ready. I do my best to make this service affordable for everyone.

  • If you think I have forgotten your order, give me a call and rattle my cage!